About Me


I am a BSAC Open Water instructor having dived for the last 13 years seriously. I was introduced to the world of diving in 1999 whilst on honeymoon in Maui, why I didn't take it up then I do not know. It took another 3 years before I decided to do more.

Late in 2000 while on holiday in Cyprus with a heavily pregnant wife I did my PADI Open Water, with the arrival of our wonderful son Joe it was too expensive and I didn't have the time or money to do anything about diving.

It wasn't until 2003 when Joe was 2 that I did the next course (PADI Advanced Open Water) in Zante.

After I returned to the Isle of Man, I was hooked.

I have since carried on my training to become BSAC Dive Leader, Open Water Instructor, TDI Inspiration Vision Instructor and currently dive with an AP Vision Inspiration rebreather and have my Advanced Mixed Gas ticket which enables me to dive to 80m (having said that, it needs to be a good dive to endure long decompression). This course was in a freezing cold quarry, The National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow. Most of my training was done through Discover Diving with Steve and Michelle who not only provide excellent training but also Charter Services for Dives in and around the Isle of Man.

The vast majority of my diving has been in the Isle of Man which offers such varied diving experiences and lots of super wrecks from 10m down to 65m (Moonlight), 75m (Carmelite) and further. In 2007 I enjoyed the "Northern Wrecks" in the Red Sea.

I spent 3 yers in Guernsey enjoying some of the diving there and returned to the Isle of Man in 2014, building my experience up further at depth down to 75m (Carmelite).

In August a few of us from the Isle of Man will be diving a number of the wrecks in Scapa Flow.

I am planning on adding a few resources on this website like links to sites and rebreather files etc. If there's anything worthwhile you think of or just general comments please email me.

Updated 17th January 2016 by me.